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Refer a friend, get £350*

We pay up to £350 for successful referrals, so why not help a colleague and suppliment your income!

  • You refer

    Your colleague registers with Holt Doctors

  • They work

    Your colleague works at least 30 hours in the first year

  • We pay

    We pay you up to £350 in Lifestyle Vouchers

About your friend

About you

For full terms and conditions of the scheme, please email us.

Why should you refer colleagues?

We pay up to £350 for each successful referral (consultant referals earn £350, all other grades earn £250). The only requirement is that your referred colleage completes registration with Holt Doctors, and works a minimum of 30 hours in the first year.

How will I be paid?

We make payment in Lifestyle Vouchers, which can be redeemed by over 150 retail and leisure brands. Sorry we're legally prevented from paying cash.

Are there any limits?

No! You can refer any number of colleagues, and we pay at least £250 for each one who registers and works 30 hours. It's a great way to help your colleagues find great work, ensure a good supply of doctors to the NHS... and boost your income!

Work where you want, when you want

Whatever your specialty, talk to our friendly team of medical recruitment experts to find your next locum or permanent job. We'll find the perfect role in the perfect location, and offer you great ways to suplement your income or build your career experiences.

*Consultant referals earn £350, all other grades earn £250

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